• Elizabeth Kenney

We Are All-Pro Roofing Systems

Updated: Apr 10

Welcome to All-Pro Roofing Systems! Here is a little bit about our team and what we do:

Who are we? And what do we do?

All-Pro Roofing Systems installs top-quality roofing systems and provides thorough roof repairing services.

Our team's mission is to give our customers the best roofing system and products. Our team and company aims to build a business that honors God and creates a true friendship with everyone we meet along the way. Our team of inspiring and well-educated employees provides a valuable service to the community.

Who are our customers?

Whether you own a warehouse, a manufacturing facility or a multi-story building, All-Pro Roofing Systems has a commercial roofing solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our company is located in Middlebury, IN and we service businesses throughout the area.

What kinds of materials do we use?

The All-Pro Roofing Systems team works with several types of industrial roofing materials, including metal restoration systems, single-ply membrane systems, fabric-reinforced systems, polyurethane spray foam systems, and membrane coating systems.

What sets our team apart?

Our company's provides full-service roofing systems and installations. For every project, we guarantee the following:

  • Detailed proposal - We'll provide honest answers and we won't try to upsell you.

  • Respect for you and you your property - We'll never leave a job half-finished, as we understand the importance of having a sturdy roof over your head.

  • Collaborative teamwork - Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we know our job isn't done until you're happy with your new roof.

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