• Elizabeth Kenney

What Are The Risks A Leaking Roof?

Updated: Apr 10

Roof leaks are nothing to fool around with. Even a seemingly small leak can cause significant damage if left unrepaired.

A leaking roof can lead to these 5 potential damages:

#1 Injury

A leaking roof can cause interior or exterior building damages, such as falling roof tiles. Leaving roof leaks unchecked poses a safety risk to you and your employees.

#2 Inventory Issues

Just as leaking roof damage can pose a safety risk to you and your employees, damages from leaks can also cause destruction to your inventory, supplies, and general business practices.

#3 Wet Insulation

Water damage to insulation can be a costly repair, especially because this damage can cause an unwelcome spike in your utility costs.

#4 Mold, Insects, And Other Contaminants

As a result of wet insulation, potential contaminants can cause further damage to your roof and building as a whole.

#5 Premature Roof Replacement

Regular roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof.

Since a leaking roof can cause such significant damage, if you spot a leak, be sure to have this repaired right away. Moreover, to protect your building as well as everything and everyone inside, schedule regular roof inspections to guarantee safety.


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