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When Should I Have The Roof Repaired?

Updated: Apr 10

A leaky or damaged roof is nothing to wait on. If you suspect or see any signs of damage, schedule an appointment right away.

A damaged roof can lead to a host of serious problems, not only for the roof, but for the entire building as well as the people and products inside.

So how will you know if your roof may be damaged? Check out these 5 signs of roof damage (which, by the way, do not even involve you needing to climb on the roof!):

#1 Decking/Insulation start to sag.

If your decking and insulation is off, this may very well be the result of a damaged roof. So, take note and call for an inspection.

#2 Ceiling tiles turn brown with water spots.

Wondering why those ceiling titles look brown all of the sudden? It is likely the result of water leaking into the building from roof.

#3 Metal roof starting to rust.

Besides the negative aesthetic of a rusting roof, the appearance of rust is usually a sign of deeper issues and damages.

#4 Constant leaking issues.

Water where it should not be inside your building is never a good sign. If you spot water damage, schedule an inspection right away.

#5 The roof is more than 25 years old.

Every roof has a life cycle and depending on the type of roof, 25 years is a typical life cycle. However, despite this approximate lifecycle, it’s important to be proactive by scheduling regular roof checks in order to minimize risk of and prevent further damages.

Our team at All-Pro Roofing Systems will complete the check for you – Call us today!

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